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Coulée Productions, owned and operated by South Louisiana native and cultural anthropologist Becky Schexnayder/Owens, produces films and documentaries about the rich culture of South Louisiana. We focus on preserving and presenting the culture and history of Louisiana’s music, foodways and medicinal practices. Coulée is a French word, meaning “to flow.” At Coulée Productions, creative ideas flow and manifest through filmmaking, productions and medicinal products. 


Becky Schexnayder/Owens

Becky studied and graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Anthropology and Photography in 1985. By combining these two disciplines, she preserves history through storytelling. She produced her first short documentary, Poverty Point: A Commemorative Closing in 1986, about the significance of the 2,500 year old Poverty Point Archaeology site in Epps, La., prior to its temporary closing. The film aired on AOC (Acadiana Open Channel) for six months.


Throughout her career, she has worked as a museum exhibit researcher, photographer, designer, and filmmaker. Exhibits credited to her through Exhibits, Etc are the JD Miller Studio Exhibit in Crowley, LA, the Otis Rush and Footes Baxtrum Exhibit in Philadelphia, MS and The Bayou Teche Musuem Exhibits in New Iberia, LA. In 2009, she filmed and edited the music video, The Ballad of David Robicheaux, an artistic interpretation of a song written by Andy Smith about the main character, Dave Robicheaux from author James Lee Burke. “This piece really inspired me as a filmmaker, giving me the freedom to express myself artistically and creatively,” she notes. This music video was screened at the Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette in 2010.


While working on the J.D. Miller Music Studio Exhibit, Rebecca was intrigued by the stories of the Swamp Blues artists that recorded in that studio during the 1950s and ’60s. She says, “I realized the importance of this music and its contribution to our culture. I wanted to capture their stories on film as a way to preserve this part of our history … and I found Carol Fran living right here in Lafayette!”




Carol Fran: Tous Les Jours C'est Pas La Même License and Screening packages include:

  • DVD

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